Saturday, January 25


Has someone hacked Kausfiles? Or has Mickey Kaus forgotten how to write the English language? Or have I forgotten how to read? It must be one of the three, because it sure looks like gibberish to me. "Bonus Frum-skipper"? "Expecteve doubts"? Wha?

UPDATE: Kausfiles has been fixed. But I have screenshots!

Thursday, January 23

Status Report

Bar review classes are over, exams are graded, my lecture on the life of Judge A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., has been delivered, and I'm finally coming up for air. I think I've worked harder in the past three weeks than I have at any time since that wonderful month nine years ago when, as a practicing attorney, I billed 360 hours.

I'm now in the process of digging through my desk, taking care of the numerous minor things that got neglected while I focused on my big projects. I've never been a particularly effective multitasker, and so there were all kinds of pesky little things that piled up while my attention was directed elsewhere. So I'm not quite ready to return yet—I figure it will be another week to ten days before I can resume daily posting.

I am astonished by the number of people who have continued to drop by this site during my absence. I hope to be able to live up to readers' expectations when I return. Changes are in the works that will make this a better site, or at least a more reliable one.

The blogworld has not stood still during my hiatus, and I'll be making some changes to the blogroll. For the moment, I want to note two law-oriented blogs that have emerged in the past few weeks: Jack Balkin's Balkinization and Gary O'Connor's Statutory Construction Zone. Prof. Balkin, a constitutional law scholar, is a Yalie, with all the strengths and weaknesses that implies; his blog is off to a fascinating start. And by writing the "first weblog devoted to federal statutory construction," Gary O'Connor focuses on a subject near and dear to my heart, the principles and methods of interpretation that courts employ as they seek to apply the general language of statutes to the specific disputes presented in individual cases. This is one of the things I write about in my real job, and so I'm delighted to see a blog on the subject.

Back soon.